• I???¡äm looking for a 2.4 radio that support more than 50 simultaneous connection !!

    can anyone sugest me one ???


  • I have seen AP's support 50 connections (not recommended) but it really depends on how many of those are trying to access the AP at one time. What type of application is this for?

  • I???¡äm looking for radios that could do load balance, 2 or more radios in the same position for provide internet access to 200 houses aprox. in the same network. like a small wifi internet provider

  • Do you already have 200 people signed up?

    Most WISP's AP's should have 30 or less subscribers per AP. The best way to set this up is to split the houses in half. Imagine you are on a tower, where your AP's will be installed. Install 3, 90 degree sector antennas covering half of the houses and another set of 3, 90 degree sectors for the other half of the houses.

    Now, with 6 antennas, you will have 6 AP's. On each antenna array, the AP's will be on channel 1, 6, and 11. With an average load of 30 per AP, you are now at 180 users off of one tower. To get more, you can use horizontally polarized sectors and do the same thing all over again. So, we are now up to 360 users on one tower. Hopefully that is enough.

    Is this for a WISP? Let me know as I consult for a few of them.

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