• Does anyone know a virtual site survey software?

  • AirDefense Architect works very well. Visit to download a trial copy.

  • and.....any free?????

  • I don't know of any free software. I use Ekahau. Airmagnet also has a solution, and Motorola (formerly Wireless Valley) is the big dog.

  • there's one but i am not sure if it;s free and it's a very simple tool called Netstumbler. go to google and search for it.

    Also the proprietary software from wireless adapters sometimes are very useful.

  • For outdoor installations - RadioMobile is free.



  • Netstumble is free and could be used for manual site surveys, but it does not do virtual site surveys.

  • moe Escribi?3:

    For outdoor installations - RadioMobile is free.



    I heard that software but i cant find it, where i can get it????????

  • Is this what you are looking for?

  • download here:

    tutorial here:

    Installing and using were not simple tasks. In fact, I haven't got it to download SRTM data to my home PC yet. I have used it in the UAB Engineering lab. It works quite nicely but is not real intuitive. The pizon site gives you a walk through of basic use. I understand there is a discussion group on the web.

    I will try to follow up with that info later.

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