• Hi,
    In the enterprise enviroment i see a growing reliance on softphones for the mobile users, especially if traveling internationally. VPN to your companies network and using a softphone to call the office or locally would save tons of money for international call and allow you to bring the virtual office abroad. Even for the home user and users in the large enterprise enviroments i see these tools being used.

    While i hear mention of cell/Vofi phones designed sets and handsets, and talks of APs using this technology, I am just wondering are there softphones that are QoS capable with WLANs and how would you know if the AP and card support this feature?

    Examples of software and cards combos that would support this would be helpful.

    Tks Rico

  • Hi,
    Devin answered this question for me as part of a response to another post.

    Just wanted to share the valuable insight that he has given.
    As always, his comments are filled with gems and jewels, which hint and entice with info, about the ever evolving world of wireless communication.



    Thought you guys might like to see this. It supports QoS.

    The Free version is here and it also supports QoS

    hope this helps,


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