• Took the CWNA test for the second time today and passed it. My only advice to future test takers, is look somewhere else other than the CWNA book for your information. There is so much on the test that isn't even referenced in the book. Definately read the book, but get any other info you can find!

  • what do you recommend to read?

    WMM, 802.11j, standards.....????????

    i pass the pre test of 240 question with 86%, its good shape to take the real exam? or i need to learn more?

  • The practice tests are not a real gauge of the test.

  • I thought they were fairly representative myself. Some very similar questions came up in the real exam. Not word for word, but I found that if I fully understood the question and explanation in the practice tests, it was quite clear when your knowledge was being tested on the same subject in the real test.

  • Zurc, you still have to learn more. Try for 100% in the pre tests and also read the explanations for each answer. (Don't look at the answer themselves and try to get a 100% score). These explanations gives you a lot of facts and info which is very important and helps you learn why, how and when such things do happen.

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