• i have 5 sites, so i want to interconect but i dont know what equipment can i buy. im thinking about Canopy and alvarion? wich one is the besto for a PtMP network, the site are 20 km far away.......... can someone help me with my decision???


  • What are the 5 sites? 5 cities, 5 office buildings? A lot more detail is needed.

  • 5 office buildings, 2 buildigns are 20 km far away from the central office and the other 2 are 8 km far away... ?

  • Hmm.. that isn't much more detail. If you are on the roof of the central office can you see the other buildings? Line of site (LoS) is important. If you have the GPS coordinates of every building I can give you a better idea if it will work.

  • let me mark it in google earth and i post it back.... :D

  • Hi Zurc,

    It obvious that the remote sites that are 20km must be linked by point to point. The rest of the remote sites 8km and uder can be linked with point to multipoint.

    The issue now is to use radio mobile to determine that there is clear line of sight. The nest step is to determine your acceptable signal strenght to sign off on the link (some gys are okay wil -75dBm, other -65dBm while some must just have -55dBm). This will have you do a simple calculation for the antenna gain and radio power you need for both the point to point and the multipoint.


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