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    i'm just starting to read the official CWNA book but people are saying is not enough would some one recommend me some books that i should read parlaly to get through the exam as well as to get good knowledge it's a kind request for people to give me some advice on this and i'm doing a self study not going for any classes. looking forward to hear from you guys


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    I?¡é?€??m not sure what is your previous knowledge on wireless. Some people may need extra help, some don?¡é?€??t. I suggest you read the book that you have right now and get some hands-on on some wireless devices. After you feel comfortable with each subject on the book, take the practice exam from the and see where you at. If your score is low, go back to the chapters you had problems and review them and retake the practice exam and read the explanation given on all your wrong answers. Good luck.


  • Those people who would tell you that the book does not contain enough information to pass are, to put it quite simply, wrong.

    It certainly does. It just depends on how much you study, how well of a grasp you have on the material, etc.

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