• We have some notebooks we use for training employees in remote locations. They connect wirelessly to access web based training.

    We want them to be able to look at the Wireless adapter properties (to make sure the card is active and to make sure they are associated) but we do not want them to be able to change any settings.

    I've been looking in gpedit.msc, but I can't find any listing to prevent them from changing any settings.

    We do not want them to be able to change the SSID or add a SSID or make any changes at all. We just want them to be able to see that they are connected.

    We're using a notebook with an Intel Wireless card.

  • What rights to the users have locally?

  • They are plain users. Not admins, not power users, just users.

  • Thanks,

    These two links might be of some help for you.

    Darren is a very knowledgeable guy (MVP)

    I also can not say enough about the Petri site.

  • If the MS solution doesn't work, you should try Odyssey Client from Juniper Networks. Many of us have been using it since it was Funk Software's product. It is considered by many to be the best WiFi client in the business. It has many other security features that you should consider as well, like "disable upon wired connect".

  • Gene, will that work in an AD environment?

  • I have had quite a few students that have used it. Is there a reason it wouldn't work with AD?

  • No, I guess I am asking? As MS pretty much claims that the only wireless client that will work correctly with AD is WZC. I have tried a few and it seems that what they were saying was true.

    I had thought is was because of the fact that for the AD log on you have to wait for the network. I usually have to set that group policy setting for that in order for it to even work with WZC.

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