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Last Post: January 29, 2007:
  • Hey guys,
    I have an app that the protocol requires fast responses or low latency.
    The problem I am seeing with 8022.11b radios is that occasionally the radios will go into a state where there are many retires then rts/cts kicks in and everythng slows down.
    The data rate also scales down to 2mbs. I will then get packets that will burn thru all the retries and rts/cts and still not get there ack.

    All this will happen for a few seconds and then the application will return to working normally for a couple more minutes.
    My RSSI is good and I do not have any other interferences.

    My question is; is it normal for the data rate to scale down for retries? I know that after a rts/cts the next packets rate will be 2mbs. But should
    all packets scale down if there is excessive retries or traffic? Also how abnormal or what could possibly happening that a packet using rts/cts does not get a ACK?

    My packet rate is about 600 packets per second and ~ 100 bytes per packet.


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