• Hello everybody I would like to get some help in this forum, Im trying to setup a cisco ap1200 series AIR-AP1232AG-A-K9 more exactly. what Im trying to do is setup like a router put it a public IP and conect to it wirelessly getting DHCP address from the AP it's possible to do that?, Im trying and trying but I dont get it, what I get is that the AP works as a bridge I conect the AP1200 to a lynksis wired router and the AP1200 give me IP by DHCP.

    Please let me know what is the best way to work with this AP1200. and if you got some scenario to do it please share it with me


  • Hi !

    I haven't been playing with 1232s for a while, but from what I remember they do not route, i.e. they are not a router, you can set up the BVI interface which will then bridge, but you can't enable routing protocols on them, they are not built for that...

    My 2 cents

  • ok !!!
    so What I did, it's all I can do to this device, setting up to work as a bridge and conect the AP to a DHCP Server., to conect wirelessly.

    just another question, why you can set up the DHCP to the AP creating a pool and all that stuff, if you dont get an automatic IP from the AP, actually Im gettin the IP from the wired router., I create the DHCP server to the AP and give me an automatically IP addres ONCE but when I conect it to the wired router not anymore from the the AP just gave it to me from the wired router.

  • You can configure your 1200 to hand out DHCP addresses.

    Handy for setting up an access point for surveying...

    ap#config t
    Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
    ap(config)#ip dhcp excluded-address
    ap(config)#ip dhcp pool SOME_DHCP_POOL_NAME
    ap(dhcp-config)#ip dhcp-server

  • And then :
    (config)# service dhcp

    To answer your question, if you plug your AP to an ethernet cable, it then bridges, so relays paquet, including dhcp requests, to the ethernet segment, where the gateway acts as an helper and answers the query.

  • The "service dhcp" command is not supported for Cisco Aironet access points and bridges.

    While it may work, be aware that Cisco IOS commands that are not in the list below (see URL) have not been tested by Cisco for their access points and bridges and might not be supported.

  • Well, service dhcp is supported on an 1242AG I just tested it on.
    But again, as bridging will relay the query out of the ethernet port, there is no point using this kind of command... unless the access point is not set to relay wireless to wire...


  • DHCP configuration on any Cisco AP is based in the BVI1 interface, so the pool should match the BVI1's subnet. Therefore the AP will release IP address on both wired and wireless.

    Hope it helps!


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