• Anyone ever used these guys to upgrade a cheap residential Linksys firmware to have enterprise functions?

  • I have used it and it works well. Keep in mind though that it will only work on the versions of Linksys that are not the new propriatary firmware.
    Read the instructions on their web site to determine if yours will work or not.

  • I've also used them. Just wanted to see what the final product was really like. In the end, I didn't need any of the upgrades for my home office environment. It's a long way from a true enterprise grade AP after the upgrade!

    I also had the good fortune of bricking a couple AP's in the process of playing around. It doesn't always just happen when upgrading the firmware from Linksys to Sveasoft. One AP bricked on me when going back to Linksys firmware! And yes, I tried all the pin shorting solutions out on the Internet. All I ended up with was a blue box that went in the trashcan. Too bad they don't weigh more. I could have tied a chain around one of them and used it as a boat anchor.


  • Tim,
    You need to start shopping for AP's at WalMart. :) Sam Walton has a great return policy. Sort of kidding... sort of....

  • There are many different open source options for those little blue boxes. DD-WRT, OpenWRT, HyperWRT to name a few others. Great for playing around but not enterprise class. There is a way to kill the VxWorks on the newer models v5 and v6, however you may end up with a light plastic boat anchor as stated above.
    They do offer a little bit more control and some additional services as well as running programs from the device.

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