• Maybe a bit early to ask this question, but does anyone know what security mechanisms are likely to be supported on this next wave of mobile phones from Nokia? If they are aimed at the enterprise, what are the chances that they will support 802.11i or any flavour of 8021x/EAP for that matter?

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    Hi sdandeker,

    Cisco wants them (Nokia phones) to work with the CallManager and Cisco is big on WLAN standards. I think that is why the iphone controversy hit hard, and Apple will have their iphone work with Cisco.

    They will support the 802.11i security and other EAP type flavors , by gleaning from these technical specs. It mentions WPA, WPA2, personal and enterprise in the specs:

    * IEEE 802.11e: Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) and WMM power save certification pending. Implementation excludes WMM-SA

    ** IEEE 802.11i: Certified for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)

  • Thanks for that! Exactly what I was looking for, just didnt see this on the Nokia site when I had a look. Will check out the spec for the iphone too!

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    The Nokia E61 phone is a Cisco CCX v3 compliant device:


  • I wish Nokia would kick it into high gear and make their N800 compliant with CCX3!


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