• I've searched this sites learning center as well as just googling in general and have not been able to find an example tutorial which talks through the technical points of a mutli-client 802.11 network. By technical points, I mean talking points such as the inherent signaling at layer 1, beacons, rts/cts examples, and various frames (data, control, mgmt). Am I smoking crack here, and need to begin writing my own tutorial (I figure 2 months or so), or does such a doc exist already and I haven't been smart enough to find it?


  • Are you talking about a video or something written like a white paper?

  • Hi Gene,

    I was thinking something more like a Powerpoint presentation. I've seen
    them over the years for routing protocols, i.e., this is what happens when an ipx/ip/appletalk/etc. client joins the network, but I haven't been able to find one yet for wireless. Probably has to do with the fact that wireless is still in its infancy relative to routers, for instance.


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