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    We're looking at Cisco WCS mainly for it's location mgr. capabilities. Our local Cisco engineer says that they recommend one ap per 2500 square feet for best coverage for rfid tags.
    Is anyone doing Cisco WCS and location services ? I'm just wondering if their recommended density is accurate.

    Jeff Roberts
    Springfield, MO

  • Has your Cisco engineer performed a site survey or know the building's construction material? If so he/she may be able to make the correct assessment. If not, it is a complete guess. If you need some help I would love to take a drive your way. :)

  • Don't know how they can make this recommendation without a site survey.

  • I have heard the same density recommendation from Cisco. I think this is more just a rule of thumb, as the actual deployment density is completely dependent on the RF degredation properties of the building's walls.

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