• Hello guys,

    Do you have experience troubleshooting WLAN using the traces provided by WZC? See link below

    Was it helpful? Does it provide good and clear information about what is going on?

    Kind regards

  • I had a few issues with XP myself.

    One of them is that Linksys equipment won't work with their drivers from Linksys, therefore if you want compatibility between Linksys Adapters and XP, you should install the adapter's drivers and activate WZC from XP.

    Second, i had adpaters from Netgear which has intermittent connectivity, so i disabled the wired adapter in XP and it worked and stopped the intermittent connectivity.

    this is my contribution to your questions, i clicked the link you gave but couldn't find a relationship with your question...


  • If you look carefully the link explains how to generate traces from the WZC. It can help you to find out a connectivity problem.

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