• thank you, thank you!

    Well a CWNA class, CBTNugget videos and 2 weeks studying the book and I have made it!

    I must say that I over studied for the exam after seeing a post on here that some guy took the thing 6 times... Don't let that scare you. If you have studied hard the way I did you wont have a problems passing this test.

  • Congratulations!!!!!

    You have proven that hard work pays off. Class, study, and hands on is the combination that always seems to win.

    Good Work marr-ta.

  • Thanks for your post marr-ta! Congratulations on your first huge step. CWNA is a very difficult exam....unless you prepare properly. Let me be the second to congratulate a great effort and welcome you to the forum. We look forward to hearing from you in the future!


  • Trust me you guys will be hearing a lot from me. I support over 20 ptmp connections and I am in the process of installing RF coverage in the entire bldg (8 floors). I've supported the wireless infrastructure for over a year but after studying for this exam I quickly realized I didnt know squat about wireless prior to taking on this cert.

    Thanks for the welcomes!

  • Hi Marr-ta,

    I just passed (80% score) the exams 20mins ago and i agree with you that it was not as difficult as many made it look. I think the similarity in our experience is that we are both currently working in that field (I work for a WISP and have done several successful deployments). Also that we prepared hard; i bought and read cover to cover the official study guide v3 (i like to refer to as the KJV Bible of CWNA)and Sybex study guide (i like to refer to as the Living Bible translation of CWNA), practice test, white papers, tips from CWNPzone blog.

    My advice; if your are not in the field , you have tons of extra hard work to do. If you are in the field you have basic hard work to do.


  • Glad to see the CWNPZone was helpful! Congrats!

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