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  • I have found this interesting paper - . It looks like I am not the only one that does not understand this percentage thing.

    ?¡é?€??Plan the cells so the cell overlap is 15-25%?¡é?€??
    Somebody said this a long time ago, but nobody seems to remember how the overlap in percentage shall be defined. If the overlap is defined in percentage of cell areas, the 15-25% may be a correct value, but how easy is it to estimate an area?
    It is stated in a world leading training program for WLAN that the overlap shall be measured as percentage of the distance. Some basic calculations shows that an overlap of 25% by distance gives a cell overlap by around 2.5 dB?¡é?€?| Ascom recommendation is an overlap by 10dB.
    Conclusion: Never talk about cell overlap in terms of percentage, use real measures, dBm for power and dB for attenuation/gain.

    Please comment.

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