• 8. Security
    8.1 Framework
    This standard defines two classes of security algorithms for IEEE 802.11 networks:
    ?¡é?€?¡± Algorithms for creating and using an RSNA, called RSNA algorithms
    ?¡é?€?¡± Pre-RSNA algorithms
    NOTE?¡é?€?¡±This standard does not prohibit STAs from simultaneously operating pre-RSNA and RSNA algorithms.
    8.1.1 Security methods
    Pre-RSNA security comprises the following algorithms:
    ?¡é?€?¡± WEP, described in 8.2.1
    ?¡é?€?¡± IEEE 802.11 entity authentication, described in 8.2.2
    RSNA security comprises the following algorithms:
    ?¡é?€?¡± TKIP, described in 8.3.2
    ?¡é?€?¡± CCMP, described in 8.3.3
    ?¡é?€?¡± RSNA establishment and termination procedures, including use of IEEE 802.1X authentication,
    described in 8.4
    ?¡é?€?¡± Key management procedures, described in 8.5

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