• Hi,

    Thankyou, all, for most useful input.

    Joel, I was interested in your comment regarding Auto-RF,
    "If it chose what seems to be "strange" settings, there is a reason for it; it's is primarily due to how the controller perceives the entire RF environment rather than just one AP's view."
    - I'm sure Auto-RF is much smarter than me however I think it is possible for a human to check a few basics like how loud APs are hearing each other with the WLC CLI command "show ap auto-rf...".
    - my consern is not just with one AP - most APs are hearing each other stronger than -70dBm which, when compared to Rx'er sensitivity, is too strong.

    "I highly recommend sticking with its choices. Barring that, you can override its choices and use Custom settings rather than Auto RF."

    I was thinking that there is another choice which seems more desirable that Custom, which is the command I refered to earlier,
    config advanced 802.11b tx−power−control−thresh <value>

    From the output of,
    show ap auto-rf
    looking under the heading,
    Nearby APs
    if most APs see their nearest neighbours at stronger than -70dBm, change the setting of,
    config advanced 802.11b tx−power−control−thresh <value>
    from default of -65dBm
    to a lower signal level eg. -75?

    Is this worth trying before going to Custom?

    Regards, MH

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