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Last Post: June 28, 2007:
  • Hi All,
    I prepared for CWNA exam 2 years ago and my first attempt did not go well. I got another coupon for exam and kept on postponing as I got busy at work and did not find time to prepare for the exam and my confidence was shaky. I scheduled the exam for June 28th but this time I forgot to postpone and learned about my exam on June 27th at 8PM. I have decided to prepare to the best extent possible and give it on 28th. I prepared for 5 hrs till 3AM and gave the exam and passed with 72%.

    Reason I wrote this is to encourage people who are postponing like me instead of getting it done.

    Some of the important things I could note from the test are, prepare from the CWNA book but for topics in the book try to google about the topic and learn more. topics that I could remember:
    1) polarization of an antenna and understand the concept.
    2) Clause 33 POE devices.
    3) Spread spectrum technology and what is mentioned in the standard.
    4) Active scanning in detail.
    5) WIPS

    Hope this helps.

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