• Good day all -

    I'm looking to gather some recommendations from those of you who have built training classes on wireless. I need to create a crash course on wireless for my company. I'll end it with references to sites for more info because of the length. I think we all know, no one day class can provide it all.(a month long class can't for that matter.... ;-) )

    Any suggestions appreciated.


  • Who is the audience? Support personnel, net admins, or general staff? The class is one day, correct?


  • Support people will be the audience.

    I know it won't be longer than a day, however I wouldn't be surprised if only a few hours either. I haven't gotten the details of the time line yet.

    I hate wasting time on "history", with a bunch of dates about marconi and morse code. ;-) I suppose my idea of learning about a technology and the wonks that thought up this brainstew arn't exactly on the same page. I'll make it clear this will be a very very light intro to wireless.

    My dilemma I suppose is getting any sort of substance into such a short class. Perhaps I'll leave time for Q/A to answer common questions/misconceptions about wireless technologies.

    Feel free to list some reference material/sources for those attending to check into. Obviously CWNP will be top on the list!


  • Brett,

    What you teach depends on your goal. Do they already know how to troubleshoot wireless with the particular client (Windows, Odyssey etc) you use? If not, I would start there. That would be a good jump off point to describe SSID's, how hidden SSIDs have to be configured differently, security setting etc.

    If they already know how to troubleshoot the client, then I would teach them some background information on their most seen trouble tickets. For example, they probably get a lot of tickets on poor or loss of signal. That would be a good time to teach attenuation, reflection and interference.

    Am I on the right track? If not, some more background into their job role would help me greatly. Thanks!


  • Thanks for the suggestions Gene.

    The audience are techs for security software, which is completely unrelated to wireless networking. (hence the reason I am so confused where the business need is here)

    I like your idea though of common problems. Perhaps if they got a taste of where to look for common issues it will spark an interest in looking into the wireless industry more.

    Thanks for the input!

  • In a very short class like this you may wish to use a briefing format. Try to focus on how bounded security and networking differ from wireless. You may also wish to create a small take away that has some drawings, lists of books on WiFi and some links etc. This way you can focus on the areas you wish most to cover and they can read/research the background information as needed.

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