Here's a good demo on DDF. Some vendors' stance on this is that a centralized architecture will be fine with 802.11n.

    There are good arguments on both sides of the fence. Feel free to chime in if you have an opinion on this.


  • Interesting information. There's lots of stuff going on currently regarding 11n as vendors try to get a leg up in this 'pre-explosion' period before 11n really goes wild. Since every environment is different, they have their own unique needs for WLAN.

    There are many, many other issues which will have to be addressed before 11n can reach it's full potential. Gig-E ports, POE issues, etc. which still need to be addressed by the industry and consumers of the products (customers of the vendors??).

    Just be careful of the numbers game... sometimes people do lots of math which can scare you but when you look at the reality of your situation, it really becomes almost comical. I've seen some really wild claims first hand from large vendors. It's really interesting when you explain the folly of their claims because they find out you really understand the situation much better than they had hoped.

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