• Hi all, i have a 2.4 ghz RF amiplifier, this should work for only 802.11b or work for both 802.11b/g?

    this is the spec

  • Hi Zurc,

    The amplifier is B only, Teletronics does not have 1Watt G amplifier. If you are looking at implementing a long distances point to point link i will recommend you use 5GHz. This will enable you use a 65mW card radio and dimentioned antennna gain to achieve point to point link up to about 50km.



  • How did you know is B and not G? i want a amplifier b/g only for testing, what amplifier do tou recomend?
    Thank you

  • I know from experience, and you can verify from their website too. The amplifiers as listed under 2.4GHz category states that the higest amplifier on G is 500mW;

    If you want my recomendation on amplifiers then go for the best, RFLINX , based on my experience,

  • Zurc you stated that you require this amp for testing, just curious what kinda testing???

    A 1W amp for anything other than a point-point to bridge is potentially hazardous. Your antennas will need to be rated for that type of power also.

    As to your question about will that amp work, it should. Remember that while the RF waveforms of B and G are very different that the center frequencies are the same, and as long as it states that it is a 2.4GHz amp it will work. You need to check with Mexico?¡é?€??s version of the FCC to see if you need some form of license to operate this gear at that kind of power level. This all has to do with the fact that 2.4GHz can be an extremely dangerous frequency, used in microwave ovens, and yes you can warm up your lunch although slowly with the right antennae and amp selection.

    You need real 2.4 amps check out:

    Using this stuff for years works great!!!

    Good luck!!!

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