• I'm working with a customer to solve a strange problem. Their wireless PCs reach a state where PING and other applications fail but the wireless connection appears to be healthy. We've taken wireless packet captures while the client is failing and while it's working and see the same type traffic between the client and AP. The OS is Windows XP, Atheros radios, two different hardware platforms, two different drivers. Has anyone seen this behavior before?

  • Hi,

    I have face some similar scenario with Ericsson's Ap. I was able to have good connection with the AP, but could ping or access any application.

    Later on I came across this issue with one of my Orinico 2000 Access Point. The problem was that the VLAN was not defined properly.

    Since to have the ping command to work out we need to have the access to multiple VLAN, hence when I defined the undefined VLAN, every thing works for me.

  • What type of infrastructure, Cisco, Symbol??
    Configuration of infrastructure, power settings, channels, rates etc.??
    Any other info would be helpful.

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