• I just want to know, is there any advantages of my deploying a draft-N network at this time? I know a lot of business are slowly moving from their current 802.11a/b/g network to a draft-N network buying draft-N products. Correct me if I?¡é?€??m wrong, but I through these draft-N products are not guarantee to be compatible with the final standard. Wouldn?¡é?€??t I just be wasting money on draft-N network it this time?

  • Hi nataku316

    I think there's alot more to consider than just whether or not the APs will be upgradeable.

    These are just a few random thoughts on the subject.


  • Hi nataku316,

    If you can make the time, Airwave will be hosting a webcast on this topic on the 1st of November, 5pm GMT.

    More info here:


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