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    Hi pebaugh

    Thanks for the follow-up on why Meraki didn't work out. You are correct, they have limited power output and the DHCP server is a poo of their private 10 space. Your control is limited to their servers in a sense.

    However, this project is quite a challenge by using all off the shelf, (SOHO)firmware enhanced features of these various vendors. It is something I think is possible but have never suggested to enterprise customers, unless the fiscal resources was limited.

    Let us know how it goes. There is much value to taking a vendor neutral approach.

  • Only suggestion would be to set the transmit power on the Linksys WRT routers to match the client cards you are using. Then if you need additional range go with a stronger antenna. You can find 9 dbi rubber duck antennas at ( as well as many other sources. This way you do not have a situation where the signal is heard at the client but the client cannot be heard at the AP.

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