• I wonder if anyone would give me their thoughts on this...

    I am going to be providing support for a customer once the installation has been made and handed over.

    I have been given the technical specs, and they are planning on installing 36 ProCurve Wireless Access Point 420.

    The site is a 65m long boat, every cabin and main room to get an access point.

    So, I have some questions...

    a) Do you think this is the correct installation ?
    b) Should I expect problems ?

    Many thanks,


  • You should be able to adjust the transmit power and channels to make this work reasonably well. It does depend on the number of simultaneous users you expect to have as well as performance expected. You might try setting all radios to g only mode (if you can get away with it) to help airtime congestion.

  • Many thanks, that sounds like excellent advice.

    If anyone else has anything more they can add, please do, it's very much appreciated.


  • It sounds like the Wi-Fi architect is also the salesperson. When I think of a cabin, I think of a family or couple using their connection for Internet and email. Off the top of my head... this is way too many AP's. There are many things I don't know about it, but one per every cabin? Maybe more detail would change my mind.


  • By (Deleted User)

    I agere with GTHill on this, 65m is only 195-200ft and shouldn't require that many access points.

    If you were to do a real site survey, or even a virtual site survey and put stronger antennas throughout the boat you may be able to cover the entire ship with only 3-6 access points, but always verify the design with the radio manufacturer.

    Sometimes the radio manufacturers have internal tools they could use, and if you send a diagram of the area to be covered with wireless, then can import the jpg or visio diagram into their software and do an automated survey.

    Has a survey been done yet?

    HP has a rock solid lifetime warranty on their products, so the hardware choice sounds good.

    Good luck!

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