• I'm sure I saw this topic on this forum before, but I can't find it when I do a search.

    Is colocation for the purpose of increased throughput a fact, or theory?
    Can some one point me to the post that I'm looking for, or explain how I can achieve this goal?


  • I'm not sure what post you are referring to, but generally speaking colocation will in fact increase throughput. There are always details needed for any given situation...but the basis of this is wireless is a shared medium within a given channel. Too many users on a single AP(channel) means more waiting to transmit and lower throughput.

    That being said, you could potentially over colocate APs and have overlapping cells on channels too close to each other and actually hurt throughput due to collisions and the like.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thanks Brett. I remember seeing an article that stated placing two access points close together (close proximity)would increase throughput. Now, the time came for me to be able to put this to the test, and I can't find the article.
    I was able acquire two cisco 1240 AG access points, and I placed them about 5 feet apart, and on the same channel. Can you tell me what else I need to do, and how to verify that I actually achieved my goal? I'm excited to see this first hand, so I can present the information to my bosses.

  • I thought co-located APs needed to be set to non-overlapping channels. This is how you increase the capacity of the area, by dividing the traffic among the AP's. If they are on the same channel they will interfere with each other.

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