• Can anyone out there deploying the Aruba solution post any info regarding the maximum transmit power and channels used in 5Ghz by their APs? The Cisco product line has a 5Ghz max TxP of 17dB, with their external antenna models restricted to 11dB on the low and high end of the UNI-II bands. APs with captured antennas (6dB gain) are not restricted on these channels. This is somewhat frustrating, as it interferes with deploying a standard cell size on all channels, as well as with deploying Dynamic Channel Allocation, without introducing black holes.

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  • I think I know what your asking and why the Cisco does what it does. You do realize there are power output limits based on antenna gain (FCC, IEEE, etc.)? It's quite possible that is the reason they do what they do with their offerings. For the Aruba gear, look at their site and/or talk with one of their people. They can definitely help you out.

    We just installed 1150 APs last summer with another ~900 coming up this summer. We have 6 sites where we are using 11a heavily for our dense user deployments. Since we don't use 11a externally, I can't give you actual user experience there.

    I can give you some idea of what we did with 2.4ghz for our VoIP wireless deployment. We did use external AP/antennas (Aruba AP60) in conjunction with APs using built-in antennas internal (Aruba AP61/65) to the buildings. It creates some design issues which must be addressed.

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    Yes its definitely due to FCC regs, although it looks like they took their own liberties with the restrictions, apparently due to hardware limitations (power supply/amplifier filtering). They allow up to 9dB external antennas on the 1240, and use this in their worst-case calculations. Captured antennas appear to get the benefit of more transmit power, and more overall EIRP.

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