• Has any one had experience with Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector? If yes, can you share your experience?

  • I spent about 20+ hours with it last week. It's a great system. Their antenna technology is unbelievable. Their APs have the best range of any APs I've ever seen. What takes 4-5 APs with most vendors and 3 with Meru takes only 2 with Ruckus. They covered my entire house (every square inch) with two APs - something nobody else has been able to do because of all of the weird RF obstacles in my house. I get 14 Mbps whether I'm standing next to an AP or all the way at one end of the house (far away from the AP). Not nearly the highest throughput I've seen, but an amazing feat nonetheless. Their system is 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g only by the way.

    Their user interface is the best I've ever seen. A good 2nd place would be Extricom/Belden (using their latest code release), and after that, Motorola's WLAN switches.

    Initial setup, code upgrades, setting up Light Mesh Gateways (LMGs) - which are basically just mesh repeaters that hook to APs as clients - and monitoring (for anything you can think of) is a snap. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do that they couldn't do, and best of all, figuring out how to do pretty much anything is ridiculously intuitive. There's almost no need for documentation at all - though they have top-notch documentation and support nonetheless.

    I was very pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. Keep in mind that this system is geared for everything from large homes to small enterprises. EVERYTHING is automatic. Manual configuration is so minimal that a novice could have the entire system cranking away in 15 minutes including taking it out of the box. Their hard work in making a superior user experience shows in every facet of the system. By default, everything is on auto, but all configuration settings are very easy to change whenever you like.


  • hi,

    where i can by for myself a Ruckus's Access Point and Ruckus ZD

  • Ruckus sells their gear through the channel, so you'll need to contact a local VAR.


  • Here is a link to their sales people within America. I contacted a guy named Bryan at their Home Office who then put me in contact with a local reseller in my state.

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