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    I'm looking to connect two buildings using a wireless link. My challenge at this point is the distance from where the antenna and or wireless bridge will be mounted and the entry into the network/building.
    The Distance exceeds 350 feet at both locations. I was looking at option 1 Getting a wireless bridge and having only the external antenna outside. This would require a 350 plus run of antenna cable. Ofccoure this introduces quite some cabe loss.
    Alternatively, i was looking at mounting the bridge outside and running network cable back to the IDF. This would require probably a fiber run to meet the distance and offcourse providing power to the bridge.

    What option would you suggest?
    And, as far as product goes what products do you suggest?
    thanks for your time.

  • Hi,

    Use ethernet cable run via POE (both radio and antenna outdoor). Then break the ethernet run with a POE switch. The switch powers the radio, the switch get power from where its located or you can feed it power via POE from the Server room. The exact implementation all depneds on teh specific switch you use (AC VS. DC powered switch).
    Hope that helped.


  • If you use a Cisco 1300 bridge, they require a special PoE adapter that uses Cat5 on one end (between the PoE injector and the LAN) and coax on the other (between the PoE injector and the bridge). Each side gives you 100 meters, so that would cover your distance without any problems. Hope this helps.

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