• Hi, folks.

    We are having a couple of issues configuring Cisco 1240 access points,if anyone can help. please let me know.

    We would like to run 2 SSID's, one for WiFi LAN access, the other for the remote controls for an AV system.

    Please pm me if you don't mind me asking a few questions.

    Many thanks.

  • If you have general questions, how about posting them so others can benefit from the answers.

    Otherwise, feel free to pm me with any specific questions.

  • Thanks, Casey.

    I have also posted this question in another thread re multiple SSID's, so we'll take it from there.

    Basically, I need to set up 2 ssid's on a Cisco 1240 AP, but I don't seem to be able to get them both running.


  • What seems to be the issue? Can you describe the situation and how you have them configured a bit?
    I am assuming that your AP's are not broadcasting, you have to set them to broadcast and correct me if I am wrong guys I believe you can only broadcast one SSID on Cisco AP's.

    That is how I setup my Aironet 1241's. There is an SSID that is broadcasting and is used for visitors on one VLAN and then there is another one on VLAN2 that is for the IT Dept and it is not broadcasting.

  • From the Cisco doc...

    You use multiple BSSIDs to assign a unique DTIM setting for each SSID and to broadcast more than one SSID in beacons.

    I use 1131 in my lab but can't help much since the OP didn't give much details about his setup.
    I have tested the mbssid setup and it's working fine. I map each of the ssid to a different vlan.

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