• It might seem at first to be a good idea but if you
    disable ARM the RF management is now manual and you have to adjust each AP individually for optimum coverage. This can be complicated if you do not have site survey capabilities(protocol analyzers, spectrum analyzers) to get a picture of what is happening in the areas covered. The lucent switch
    handles this automatically as conditions can always
    change in an area covered by the access points. Do you have the option of engaging the vendor support

    You might see if there are any code fixes for the Lucent switch or the AP's. If yo have access to documentation there maybe instructions on dealing
    with adjusting ARM. While this may not be the case, it appears to be aggresively adjusting to conditions in the environment. This maybe to due a source of intentional or unintentional RF interference and this could be hard to find with out using an analyzer to get a picture of the environment.


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