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    802.11-1999 (R2003), table 23

    There are two MODES:

    Mode 1 - Active Mode (AM)

    Mode 2 - Power Save (PS)

    In PS mode, there are two STATES:

    State 1 - Awake

    State 2 - Doze


    When a STA flips the PM bit, it's telling the AP that it's going into PS MODE, NOT into the Doze STATE. A STA goes in and out of the Doze STATE according to a predefined set of parameters. One such parameter is the DTIM interval. A STA will awaken just prior to a beacon containing a DTIM so that it may get BOTH MC/BC and Unicast traffic. If there is BC/MC data, that data will be sent immediately following the DTIM-carrying beacon, and the beacon will tell the client whether any BC/MC OR Unicast data is forthcoming for it. It will stay awake long enough to get its queued data (through PS-Polling).

    I've following questions:
    1. When we put STA in PS mode then it goes into Awake or Doze state? If Awake, then when does it go in Doze state?

    2. I think the STA doesn't send PS-Poll for fetching BC/MC data?

    3. Can you please explain this (legacy PS) in more detail using Listen interval, DTIM and PS-poll for both unicast and BC/MC.

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