• I'm looking for a manufacturer that makes the ceiling tile square "bubble" mounts, or any concealed ceiling mount. Anyone point me into the right direction? Thanks!


  • Gene,

    we use the mounting enclosures from Terrawave. We have used them for years and they blend right in. They make 2x2 square and 1x2 rectangle versions. there are also low profile antennas (we use the dualband) that clip on and do not extend down very far, an inch at the most.

    here is a link to the page:

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    GTHill, (Gene)

    I 've never used them (always wanted to) but this looks like it is along the lines as well.


  • Reg/gene,

    there are more selections on compughter's link, however the terrawave does have punch outs for most antennas. I am not biased either way, just want you to know that the pictures are not very descriptive in the web page. PM me if you want a copy of the enclosure handbook from terrawave.

    Is it me or does one of those look like cow udders?


  • Thanks a lot guys. I agree, it is hard to see how an AP would mount. I need one where MIMO antennas can come through. I was actually look for a good flush mount MIMO antenna, but I still can't find one. I'll keep looking...


  • Gene,

    Here is a link to some mimo antennas. I have a good resource at Tessco if you need.

    Here is an interesting option, this antenna goes ABOVE the ceiling tile.

    spec sheet


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