• How does one factor in what it will cost to perform a wireless site survey at a site 1) where wireless already exists, and 2) where you will be implementing new wireless?
    And also are there any good reading resources that will assist?

  • Not sure if this helps: -

    As a company we require a set of accurate to scale drawings and start with what we term a desktop survey. From this, and predominantly based on experience, we are able to gauge approximately how many APs we think we will need and how many days it will take to complete a site survey and then charge a day rate with a small addition for the time taken to write up the survey.

    I think that if you are looking to start surveying you are in a difficult position as you are going to need to amortize the cost of the survey kit across more than just your first job if you want to be competitive, on the positive side if the customer is not willing to pay a few thousand pounds for a site survey you have to ask what are the chances that they will pay 10s or even 100s of pounds for the complete installation and if they do with no site survey are you going to open the door to complaints about coverage and performance and the like?

    Of course you could always sub-contract an experienced firm to perform the survey for you, now let me see fi I can think of anyone ;)


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