• Thanks GT, I'll check out some antennas in the 9dbi range and let you know how things go...

  • Tried to buy from the website in this thread but they only take paypal or check...Government of Canada doesn't have a paypal account unfortunately...Any other vendors anyone can recommend?.....

    Also, currently we have 2 antennas (2.14dbi), should I also use 2 9dbi antennas? or just one...


  • Not sure if they have the antenna you are looking for.


  • I'll source them for you if you need me to. I take all kinds of money. :) Seriously if you need me to, no problem.


  • By (Deleted User)

    Gene (GT) nice offer. You got my vote! and one more post we tie at 548. :)

    Here is another link for a 9 dBi rubber duck.

    The catch: but since you are in Canada you are covered:

    Shipping and Processing: All orders are shipped FOB our plant in Boca Raton, FL. The minimum shipping and processing charge for domestic ground shipments is $9.50. The minimum shipping and processing charge for domestic C.O.D. ground shipments or Canadian ground shipments is $16.50. Orders shipped outside of the USA and Canada will be charged a minimum of $20.00 handling fee.


  • Thanks, that last link for hyperlinktech seemed to accept credit cards but the one Gt mentioned didn't....much appreciated....I'll let you guys know how they work out after I get back from the frozen tundra of Northern Manitoba..

  • John,
    That would be great to get an update. That is always good for the forum. I guess some websites have different rules for credit cards from other countries. I use my CC at all the time.

    All tied up. Well, I would like to say we are tied, but I think you have contributed much more, thus, I'm still losing. :)


  • ok, the antennas came from Hyperlink today, as I mentioned before we are using Cisco 1240ag access points. I didn't see anything in the setup that I would need to change other than "external antenna" and then a box where you can put in the dBi gain....I assume this is not for the rubber duck style antennas? Even when I tried to put a value in there is wouldn't take it saying that "this feature is not supported at this time"......For the most part, do you just have to connect them and that's it?

    I did a walk around in the office comparing the strength and couldnt' notice much of a difference...At a place where I was getting -80dBm with the 2.2 dBi, I was getting -77 with the 9 dBi, so I'm just wondering if there's something else I need to do...


  • Just to make sure, you connected two antennas to the 1240 right? And they are oriented perpendicular to the coverage area? Straight up and down...

    Don't change any settings in the software. Diversity is still selected right?

    The maximum gain you would see would be 6dBi. Make sure that you are in the exact same position with the laptop or other device in the exact same orientation.

    Let me know about the above questions and we'll go from there.


  • Yes, they are perpendicular, diversity is set..No other changes have been made, power is still at max...So just so I'm translating this right, If i see -80dBm with the 2.2, the max I would get the higher gain is -74?

    any recommendations for site survey software?...Nothing complex or expensive, I deal with pretty small buildings...


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