• Is this possible? We have Cisco 1242AG access points currently using MAC authentication with WEP...I know WEP is inherrantly weak and I'd like to use WPA with MAC authentication...I know MAC authentication is not secure either but in reality hacking is not a threat where these networks are but I'd like to cover my butt by using a newer encryption....I don't want to just rely on WPA because people will start passing around the password....Does what I'm saying make any sense?

  • How many users? How many AP's?


  • There's one AP per site and about 5-10 users per site..

  • Is it a controlled user environment or is it guest access of some type with any users?


  • These are nursing stations in remote areas of Canada. There are a few desktops but most of the access comes from visiting doctors and nurses with their own laptops. They basically give me a call, I get their MAC address and give them the WEP key and they get access..That's the only way to get access right now...There are no servers or anything else like that..Basically like a home setup I guess..

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    Hey John,

    Can you clarify the question? Are you asking if you can use a MAC filter and WPA-PSK at the same time?

  • yeah, that's what I was asking but maybe it would be better if I asked if there was a way I could be securing these networks better....

    Here is how they are setup now..

    1 AP per site
    5-10 users per site
    no servers
    some desktops and personal laptops.
    currently using MAC filters with WEP

    I'm not that worried about hackers as such, just want to make sure we know who has access and that we grant that access

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