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  • devinator Escribi?3:

    Aruba is not going to a single channel architecture (SCA), nor are they planning to support such in their system. They are, however, launching features that mimic those found in the Meru system. ARM 2.0 is a set of features that seem to be based on technology pioneered by Meru. See my article here:

    Hey, it's fun playing "Wi-Fi Policeman" ;)

    I completely agree with this Blog. After posting on this subject I was able to find the time to do my own research and came to the same conclusions. The press releases and whitepapers are most definitely overboard. However, I am still not convinced Aruba will not move in the SCA direction...

  • Devin,

    What makes you so sure they are applying wireless upstream control mechanisms for Airtime Fairness? Do they indicate this? I asked some of their folks about this at their roadshow today and they said it was on the radio downstream only, no client holdoffs. But they didn't really convince me on that point. The CCI mitigation acc. to them temporarily turns a potential CCI neighbor AP to monitor-mode, but how this is execution algorithm was not discussed. The Band Steering seemed straightforward, its not any kind of beamforming though it sounds like it, just client connection management. I think Aruba has a lot more sophistication in their product than anyone else right now.

    I hear what you're saying about the competition-bashing, but its a dog-eat-dog world in the battle for market-share. Its simply going to be easier to make gains against the smaller rivals with opposing and proprietary approaches.

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