• So, the story goes...

    I was in a meeting where our original quote for a Cisco based WiFi network has been rejected due to a budget cut. The quote was getting a bit old anyway, and I have now proposed a new design using the shiny new Motorola 7131's, which I rate highly.

    There was a pause then the comment from the floor...

    "The project manager likes Apple, he has a Mac and he wants to go with AirPorts..."

    After falling out of my chair, and promising a review meet in a week, I thought I would dig up the full technical specs on the Apple WiFi offerings, and so far I can't find them.

    On the Apple site it doesn't say which 802.11n modulation schemes are supported, how many radios per device, how the beam(s) are used....

    I dearly want to go back with a like for like comparison.

    Does anyone know where I can find deeper technical info on these Apple thingies ?

    Neil Mac

  • Single radio, auto-channel-select only for 5 GHz, almost no features - especially those from 802.11n like TxBF. This unit is a solid performer, but limited range, and extremely feature-poor. The management utility can manage more than one AirPort unit, but only one at a time, so if you have 10, you'd be making changes to 10 units individually. No support for multiple SSIDs or anything remotely related to SMB/SME or Enterprise class. :) Nice for a small home, terrible for anything else. Ours is sitting on our shelf collecting dust at the moment.

    Modulations are the same - 1 Mbps to 300 Mbps data rates using HR/DSSS, ERP, OFDM, and HT. Unless this customer is a SMALL office with no real wireless requirements, Apple won't do the trick. In contrast, the Moto AP7131 is an extremely full-featured unit - a good choice for flexibility and growth.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hey, Devin.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't think for one minute that Airports will get the vote ahead of the Moto's, however I now need to prepare for a meeting to spend an hour explaining this. They will then say, OK, see your point, on with the plan for the Moto's then.

    I got a bit of what you said from Google, I was hoping there may be a white paper or Apple spec sheet to confirm.

    If not, well it won't be the first time I have invoked the name of the mighty Devinator in a room and used it to quell the revolt.

    Thanks for the info Devin, you are a true gent.

    Neil Mac

  • Neil,

    Here is a CWNE solution for you. Get the 7131's with the nice white cover and paint a big Apple logo on it. Done. Client is happy, you are happy. :)


  • Hey Gene !

    The accountants might have a few questions... X-D

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