• I've got a situation where I have a lot of POE access points that need Hyperlink injectors because the devices draw more power than regular 802.3af compliant devices.

    e.g. this doodad

    Hyperlink PS4820-POE (48VDC@20W)

    I don't want to buy a ton of these, nail them on the boards in the phone room, and have to worry about a power plug for each, so is there any "one" big thing that I can buy and rack?

    Ideally, I'd have one big power brick/plug to worry about and then have to worry only about one ethernet cable in and one ethernet out for each PoE access point.


    Give this a click ....

  • GStefanick Escribi?3:

    Give this a click ....

    I need 48V DC, and I only see 24V DC for that chassis.

    I'm thinking that this Midspan PowerDsine might be the ticket

  • Pick your poison... :D

    Much better then a brick wall, no pun intended... I have a few of these in my lab (just not that model)and they work great.

  • And this works with non-802.3af compliant devices?

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