• Hello there, it has been a little while since I last visited the forum.

    I have a request for some help with spectrum analyzing.

    I am currently using Fluke Networks' AnalyzeAir to do our spectrum analysis.

    My request is this... Does any one know how I would go about getting information on what the swept spectrum is displaying exactly? I under stand that the horizontal axis represents frequency, vertical is time, and color is amplitude. My question is what amplitude is being represented? Is this the general amplitude of anything in the general area affecting that particular channel, or is this amplitude of interference?

    I have a screen shot, but cannot seem to get it posted. I have the sensitivity set as max being -75 dBm and minimum set to -110 dBm. (coolest color being -110 and hottest being -75 )

    As I see the color across the channels, I am not exactly sure on how to interperet the data that is being relayed to me. Also, I am seeing some white spaces, is this interference, or signal detected that is above my max setting, or just plain white noise that is not affecting the channel at all.

    If you could prove a link or a way to google how to interpereate the data I would most greatly appreciate it. Or, if you would like, I could email what I have for you to take a look at. Most of the documentation I am finding is more a less a sales pitch of a particular piece of equipment or software.

    Greatly appreciate it!


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