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    A points to consider with this "no-name" vendor:

      We have the same founders and management team from that founded Xircom, which sold to Intel in 2001 for nearly a billion dollars. Info on the management team is here:

      We have a strong board of directors, including a shared board member with Microsoft. Information about our BoD is here:

      We grew 300% last year, and at ridiculous rates in the several previous years

      We have approximately 3 times the number of customers willing to do a joint press release with us than most other WLAN vendors. Information on our customer deployments can be seen here:

    We are well funded, growing, and quite frankly, having fun! Feel free to reach out directly at

    I mean no disrespect to you or the company in which you are gainfully employed by. In economic times, as we are in now, we???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ére seeing companys fold, consolidate or simply being sold off. In the last 4 weeks, after Nortel announced yet again another bankruptcy, we???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡éve seen inquires from our customers increase 1000% about migrating from their Nortel wired and wireless(Trap) infrastructure over to other vendors, namely Cisco. It will be interesting to see how the small wireless manufactures fair in the next 12 ???¡é?¡é?????¡é?€?? 24 months.

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