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    GTHill> 256 users of what per AP? Ping? Maybe...
    >No real data... it has been proven many times check this out
    As suggested by Devinator read the Novarum report

    GTHill> The protocol doesn't break at any user number
    > yes and no the problem is the collisions, the more you have users the more you have collisions, the more you have to re xmit the packets and your bandwidth goes down, down ....

    Meru, Xirrus> the best choice for density
    Ruckus> it's a toy doesn't scale to enterprise level
    Aerohive> just a concept that works ok in the lab but they haven't shown any decent enterprise deployment
    Aruba, Cisco Trapeze etc.. when it comes to density they are limited by their MAC implementation no more than 20 users per AP as truly said by GTHill ;) and they can't manage co-chanel interference



    I still find 256 per AP hard to believe. And, you can't send me to a Meru whitepaper talking about their own product. :)

    It took a lot of times being wrong to get where I am so I very well could be wrong yet again, but 256 per AP? For me, this all depends on what kind of traffic is in use. It is possible to believe given certain traffic types (mostly downstream, low bandwidth email and Internet, and infrequent user data requests) could have a crazy high number of STA's, but 256 is a big number.

    Again, the problem is the channel. I have a lot of respect for the way Meru handles channel access, but even if you took out all of the IFS's and backoff timers and all STA's are at 54 Mbps data rate there are still the limitations of the channel.

    I agree that the problem is collisions, but that is very vendor and traffic specific. Given downstream traffic and Meru, there shouldn't (theoretically) be any collisions since it clears the medium then coordinates TX among the AP's.

    I'm splitting hairs here, but to be technical, it isn't how many clients you have, it is how often devices wants access to the channel.

    If I were in the situation, I would give Xirrus a call. That is what they do and they stake their reputation on it. I like dealing with a specialized product for a special situation.


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