• Hi Rog
    Just wanted to chip in a little. I'm theorizing.
    GStefanick suggested a spectrum analysis. I believe thats pivotal to handling your problem. If its possible, have the spectrum analysis equipment on ground for the time you specified (a week) monitoring all the channels . At the first pass i'd thought i read "twice a day", i'd have thought it was the tides but then again that would have affected your Fade Margin and not knocking people off the channels. Without a spectrum analysis it would be pointless to redesign your network because you wouldn't know where your problem is originating. You seem to have a problem with only one AP from your post. gain a sense of directionality of your interference since you already have an idea of its intensity. It seems to be a hotspot environment, if it were enterprise i'd have said migrate to UNII. thats what I can come up with for now... hope it helped

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