• Hi Guys

    I have a desktop computer with Microsoft Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 running. The wireless card is a Netgear WG111 V2 device [ 802.11g ].

    Would like to find out if anyone has used this particular adapter with any free packet/frame analyzer and been able to see 802.11 frame level stuff [ beacons etc ].

    Long time ago, I used a freebie [ can't remember name ] but it would not display any 802.11 level detail.

    Failing that, if you know of any analyzers that I can purchase, please let me know.

    I only wish you could have heard the conversations with Netgear's technical support dept [ overseas location ] when I asked them if they knew of any program that would work with that particular adapter - "packet analyzer ? frame analyzer ? we've never heard of those things - it sounds interesting though"



  • I'm very happy with my AirPcap.

    And sounds like you might have been using wireshark/ethereal?

  • Tks

    Yes, I was using wireshark.

    I see you are from Norway - one of favorite countries. Spent time working at Nittedal Satellite Station outside Oslo.

    Spent a night on aquevit and lutefisk - my liver has never forgiven me.


  • Lutefisk will do that to you. ;)

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