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    I am designing a PtMP setup. I am planning to use Omni antenna at the central site and employ a power booster. Do I still need to put booster at the remote sites? My purpose why I would put a booster at central was to increse the signal strength of the Omni antenna since it broadcast in all directions and power is degrading.


  • I would avoid the use of an amplifier if at all possible. One, they aren't legal to use in many locations and it just isn't good design.

    You need to do a link budget to determine if you even need amplifiers. I'll help you with that. Here is what I need:

    - The maximum transmit power of your bridges (mW or dBm)
    - The gain of your Omni antenna and the antenna that you will be using on the other side of the link
    - The distance of the farthest link
    - The frequency you are using

    If you can get me that information we'll go from there.


  • Sir,

    Thank you for giving time reading over this post.

    Omni antenna gain: 12 dBi
    Transmit Power: 30 mW
    Operating frequency: 2.4 Ghz
    Link distance: 8 km.

    These are the relevant information for the link budget.

    There will be 4 remote sites that would be homing to the central site. Would the throughput be divided among the remote sites?

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    Don't for get CO-AX and connector loss unless antennas are directly connected to the bridge/AP.

  • I fordot to include the gain of the remote sites. It would have a 23 dBi antenna for andrew. Sir, I truly appreciate the replies to this post. Im a newbie to this job.

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