• I'm having a signal issue with a new antenna I installed over the weekend. I bought this 9dbi outdoor omni and ran only a 10 foot cable from it to a
    Linksys WRT54GS.

    From 20-30 feet away I get barely any signal. When I stick the default Linksys antennas back on, I get a very strong signal. I understand there is some loss to be expected from the length of cable, however this is ridiculous. Any ideas on what the problem is here? Did I perhaps buy a bad antenna or cable? Thanks!

  • The first thing that comes to mind is the cable or the connectors.

    One badly installed connector could give this kind of reaction.

    If it was pre-made, I'd suspect a short, if homemade, replace the connectors one at a time.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks Digger, everything came from gns wireless...I have an email in to them.

  • Have you tried connecting it to the other antenna connector? Only one of the RP-TNC connectors transmits in most cases.

    If that isn't it, check the polarity of the connectors. Unscrew both sides of the cable and make sure the "male / female" connectors are appropriate.


  • with the 15degree Vertical Beamdwidth are you within that many degrees of the antenna element? don't take that as a stupid question! did you have to use a converter/coupler for the linksys antenna post/connectors? do you have a client utility that can provide rssi or snr ? sounds like a connector mismatch or polarity possible problem.


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