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    Anyone have experience using a lightweight 1242 bridging to an autonomous 1242 set up as a WGB using the 802.11a radio? While I have no problems making this work at a distance of approx. 250 feet, my target is actually closer to 800 feet away (direct line of sight), but my signal does not seem to propagate that far. I have the radios set to full power and I'm using the diversity 7dBi patch antenna on each end. Any experiences on how far I should expect to be able to bridge using these radios and antennas would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  • So with the exact same equipment you can get a link at 250' but not at 800'?

    I'd think that you should be able to make that link at 800'.

    What signal strength are you getting at 250'? There is about 10dB more loss going from 250' to 800'.


  • what are the vertical/horizontal beamdwidth designations for the diversity patch?

  • By (Deleted User)

    Are your antennas both at 8 ft. of height or more? The calculator shows the first Fresnel zone at 800 ft is 8.98 ft.

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