• hey guys,.
    I am new to CWNA and intending to learn at home and sit for exam as private candidate here in Germany.
    I got some information from website but can anyone tell me what matarial exactly do I need for this exam?
    There are many versions available in market.
    What is ideal for me? Is there any packet available including books, cd and old exams.
    Something available on internet to download for free?

  • By (Deleted User)

    1) The absolutely most recent official Study guide.

    2) The official practice exams - study till you get consistent 95+% everytime.

    3) Study to the published "exam objectives" from the website. Not just the practice exams or book's explanation of what you need to know.

    4) Patience, luck, and a good sleep the night before.

  • Read recommended white paper if possible. You can find them from CWNA study guide and this forum.

    But remember, never use only a single source of study material for any certification exam, even if it reports to be "the official study guide."

  • Passed the CWNA exam the first time I took it. here is my approach:
    1)Read official study guide twice. The first time you read the book and highlight top concepts. The second time you read fast and write/type all the top concepts as notes.
    2) Read the notes at least 5 times.
    3) Create a one pager on the following topics: 802.11 standards and amendments. db, dbi, dbd, dbm and mW calculations. Read at last 5 times.
    4) Take the practice tests from the CWNP site after you have finished all your studying. Take each test from the site once and be sure to look at your incorrect answers and understand the correct responses.
    5) take the on-line tests a second time after you have reveiwed your weak areas. Your goal is to get 90% or more on each test at this point. If you do, you are probably ready. If you don't you have to go back and work on your low scoring areas.

    Good LUCK!

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