• Hi Glen

    The post seems to have gotten partially garbled after the website was re-formatted.

    I think this was the video, but am not sure:

    Some info from Ruckus:

    ( Just joking !!!! )

    Hope to get down to St Pete soon. Have been invited to a shindig at McDill Air Force Base. Will give you a call soon.


  • There is a RF technology used for Aircraft Navigation (Ground based) that i believe is similar to the Ruckus Theory, it is called a VOR (Very High Frequency Onmi-directional Radio Range ) it transmits signals in all 360 degrees doing it in 1 degree increments at very fast speeds of course.

  • There?s an old saying that there?s nothing new under the Sun. There is very little, and I mean very,very little in Wi-Fi technology that has not been based in at least some part on older technologies. VOR uses a series of beams, ?down which? the pilot can ride.

    VOR tends to have an array of static beams, while the Ruckus system has a very advanced dynamic beam forming system.

    For those of us doing the Cisco CCNP wireless track, I even noticed VOR appearing in the IUWMS student guide !!


  • Funny you should mention Ruckus. My boss attended a Ruckus conference in Atlanta several months ago and ran into one of the CWNP people who gave him a CWNA book. He plopped in down on my desk and said if you want another cert for your drawer, I'll pay for the exam.

    We use Ruckus quite a bit when the circumstances are right. They're a good company with a good product, albeit somewhat expensive. As most of our wireless is PtP, we use Ubiquiti mostly.

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